March 3

Hope brings People Confidence

Hope brings Malala confidence, without her and her family being so confident about the procedure she was going through; If you don’t know what I’m talking about, basically Malala got shot point blank in the fore head and she is recovering at the hospital.

Malala is very close to death but since she had all that confidence she remarkably made it through the recovery. Obviously, Malala is very brave because she spoke to the world and stood up to the Taliban for women’s rights. Women get treated a lot differently than men, men get to do stuff that women don’t, for example men get to go outside and work, and do what they want to do. While women get to do nothing but sit in their house all day. You can tell that the Yousafzai family is a very positive family, Because first of all they live in Pakistan which you can tell is not a very good place to live.

Second I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be devastated to know that you were shot in the head, but not Malala since she had so many friends,family and hope, by her side. When Malala got out of the hospital, she realized that the Taliban tried to silence her but instead she got more attention than she ever could imagine.

April 22

Earth Day

  1. Enviorental movement.

April  22.


Take care of earth.

Have pity on mother nature.


Dirt will help earth and the plants.

Animals are becoming extinct.

Your going to take care of earth right?

April 18

Child Hood Labor 1911

I think Child hood labor was a disaster because,It made so much problems for people and children around the world because parents didn’t  get to spend time with their children they had to spend their time at work and children got killed then the parents would get their fingers cut off they couldn’t work so they had to rely  on their children. Most of the time they had to deal with very dangerous job such as a coal miner. i am just very glad that they ended child labor so that not me out there trying to fight for money just to put food on the table.



March 31

Judicial Branch

The judcial branch of the goverment is made up of judges and courts .The judges are not elected by the people like the president and members of congress, they are appointed by the president and the confirmed by the senate