January 5

John Jay

Jhon Jay

one of the founding fathers of the united states

The navy seized him during the war

died during the second wave

was nominated cheif

John Jay

son of liberty

was a very brave person

served as the first cheif of the USA

He was a journalist before he went into war

November 4

Calonoial Times

I want to be a glass maker because, i would probably need a job,they were the first crafts and they made glass for people. Like a window or a glass drink. You have to be a very skilled person to make glass for example u had to have good lungs to blow the glass.

October 16


HomeComing in White oak is very Speical we have it every 3 years! We have it every 3 years because at the end of world war 2 we were waiting for our community to get back for 3 years so thats why homecoming is very very speical in White Oak and home coming means for people that have moved away to come back and visit our community. We are rouhghnecks we’d do any thing for our community, so homecomeing to me is a once in a life time opportunity for White Oak.